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Этот раздел предназначен для тех, кто собирается сдавать экзамены FCE 

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Part 1. Reading.


A candidate’s overall FCE grade is based on the total score gained by him\her in all 5 papers.

All the papers contribute 40 marks to the exams’ overall total number of 200 marks.

Results are reported as three passing grades (A,B,C) and two failing grades (D,E).They are set according to the following:

-          Statistics on the candidature

-          Statistics on the overall candidate performance

-          Statistics on individual items, for those parts of the exam for which this is appropriate (papers 1,3,4)

-          Advice, based on the performance of candidates and recommendations of examiners, where this is relevant (papers 2 and 5)

-          Comparison with statistics from previous years’ exam performance and candidature.


Grades are awarded Exceptional-Good-Borderline-Weak and a standardized score out of 100 (which is converted from the aggregate mark of 200).

Grade A = 80-100

Grade B = 75-79

Grade C = 60-74

Grade D = 55-59

Grade E = 54 or below

So, passing grade is 60.

D and E are NOT awarded with certificates.


Paper 1 (Reading)

Three parts, Time - ONE hour, 30 questions (multiple choice; gapped text; multiple matching).

Approximately 550-700 words per text. Appr. 2000 words overall.

Marks: Parts 1 and 2: each correct answer receives 2 marks.

              Part 3: each correct answer receives 1 mark.


Structure and tasks.

Part 1. Multiple choice. No. of questions 8

Part 2. Gapped text. No. of questions 7.

Part 3. Multiple matching. No. of questions 15.



Paper 2 (Writing)

2 parts. Timing 1hour 20 min.

No. of parts – 2

Part 1 is compulsory. One task from Part 2 (your choice)

Each task has a given purpose and a target reader.

Marks: each question on this paper carries equal marks.


Part 1. Question 1

Writing a letter or email. (120-150 words) Compulsory


Part 2. (questions 2-4)

(an article, an essay, a letter, a report, a review, a story)

This part consists of 4 questions from which candidates must choose one. One of the four questions offers two options based on set texts. (There are two set texts, and one question will be offered on each).

Question 5 has two options: writing one of the following based on one of two prescribed reading texts: an article, an essay, a letter, a report, a review.

One task to be selected from a choice of five. (120-180 words)


Paper 3.  Use of English

Contains 4 parts. Timing 45 minutes.

Number of  parts - 4

Number of questions  42. Answers are to be written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Marks: Parts 1, 2 and 3: each correct answer receives 1 mark.

             Part 4: each answer receives up to 2 marks.


Part 1. Multiple -  choice cloze.  (Vocabulary and grammar0

12 gaps and is followed by 4-option multiple-choice items.

No. of questions 12.


Part 2. Open cloze. (grammar and vocabulary)

12 gaps. No. Of questions – 12


Part 3. Word formation. (vocabulary)

No. of questions – 10


Part 4. Key word transformation (grammar and vocabulary)

No. of questions  - 8



Paper 4 Listening

Timing – 40 minutes

No. of parts – 4

No. of questions - 30

Marks: each correct answer receives 1 mark


Part 1. Multiple choice

Short unrelated extracts, (General gist, detail, function, purpose, attitude, opinion, relationship, topic, place, situation, genre, agreement)

 appr. 30 seconds each. One multiple -  choice question per text, each with three options.

No. of questions 8


Part 2. Sentence completion (ability of listening for specific words or phrase focusing on detail, specific information and stated opinion from a single long text)

Monologues.  Appr. 3 minutes

No. of questions 10


Part 3. Multiple matching (the focus is on the skill of listening for general gist, detail, function, attitude, opinion, relationship, topic, place, situation, genre, agreement. Candidates need to match an option to the correct speaker)

5 short related monologues appr. 30 seconds each

Multiple matching questions require selection of the correct option from a list of 6.

No. of questions 5


Part 4. Multiple choice (predominant focus is on testing the candidates’ ability to listen for opinion and attitude, expressed in gist, main idea, and specific information, based on a long text)

A monologue or text.

Appr. 3 minutes. Seven multiple-choice questions, each with three options.

No. of the questions - 7



 Paper 5 Speaking

Contains 4 parts.

Timing – 14 min.

No. of parts – 4

Candidates are assessed on their performance throughout.


Part 1. A conversation between the interlocutor (examiner) and each candidate (spoken questions)

General interactional and social language.

Time – 3 min.


Part 2. An individual ‘long turn’ for each candidate with a brief response from the 2nd  candidate. Candidates are given a pair of photographs to talk about.

A larger unit of discourse; comparing, describing, expressing opinions.

1 min. ‘long turn’ for each candidate, plus 20-second response from the 2nd candidate.


Part 3. A two-way conversation between the candidates. They are given spoken instructions with written and visual stimuli, which are used in a decision-making task.

Sustaining an interaction; exchanging ideas, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/disagreeing, suggesting, speculating, reaching a decision through negotiation.

Time- 3 min.


Part 4. A discussion on topics related to the collaborative task (spoken questions)

Expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/or disagreeing.

Time – 4 min.



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