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common eye diseases and their management, 3rd edition, 2006 web-local.rudn.ru/web-local/prep/rj/files.php 

ABC of eyes, 2004 web-local.rudn.ru/web-local/prep/rj/files.php

Basic Ophthalmology web-local.rudn.ru/web-local/prep/rj/files.php


Ophthalmology | Made Ridiculously Simple | Stephen Goldberg

Автор: Stephen Goldberg

Год: 2004

Издательство: Medmaster

Формат: PDF

Качество: Сканированные страницы

Количество страниц: 97

Вес в архиве: 6,94 МБ (7 287 453 байт) | Как работать с данным форматом читайте в "Архиватор RAR"


Most medical schools do not have a required course in ophthalmology. Consequently, students are often sadly deficient in this field unless they choose it as a specialty. In addition, a shortage of time prevents many from reading large texts on the subject

This brief book focuses on that information most vital for the non-ophthalmologist. Many ocular conditions present first to the primary care physician. Included among these are refractive problems, ocular inflammations, trauma, amblyopia, strabismus, and a variety of additional disorders that cause diminished vision or ocular discomfort It is essential for the non-ophthalmologist to know which problems to treat himself and which to refer. He must be sufficiently knowledgeable to detect subtle conditions such as amblyopia, which may be irreversible if not noted early and properly treated.

The book gives strong emphasis to common disorders, their diagnosis and management at the level of the non-ophthalmologist - up to the point of referral. Only minimal emphasis is given to the technical diagnostic and therapeutic measures that are the exclusive domain of the ophthalmologist.

Rather than text definitions of all potentially unfamiliar terms, n selected glossary follows the text. The clinical review in chapter 9 summarizes material already presented in the text, as well as miscellaneous other topics. The book also provides a rapid review for Medical Boards.

The attempts at humor in this text do not intend any disrespect for the field. Ilicy arc employed as an educational device as it is well known that many of the best memory techniques involve the use of ridiculous associations.

I thank Drs. Cleve Howard, Fleur Sack, J. Lawton Smith, Ronald Spielman, and Bill Trattler for their helpful comments, and Beryn Frank for editing the manuscript. The cover illustration was prepared by Sixten Netzler. Text diagrams are by the author.

Stephen Goldberg



Colour atlas of ophthalmology | Siew Ming Lim, Ian J Constable



Автор: Siew Ming LimIan J Constable

Год: 1995

Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company

Формат: DjVu

Качество: Электронная Книга

Количество страниц: 166

Вес в архиве: 1,76 МБ (1 853 272 байт) | Как работать с данным форматом читайте в "Архиватор RAR"


We are delighted with the numerous enthusiastic reviews that we have received from international journals of the first three editions of this book. We are of course pleased that the book has been translated into eight languages: Malay, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, Finnish, German and Portuguese and that it continues to be popular. In (he last few years, new procedures and drugs have emerged. We have therefore updated every chapter to include the latest in ophthalmic management, but take pains not to increase the size of the book so that it can be easily carried around by medical students and residents in the clinics. We are also delighted that this book has been produced on video and CD-ROM.

It is also our pleasure to mention that in a collaborative effort, Dr Ronald Pitts Crick FRCS FRCOphth and Professor Peng Tee Khaw PhD FRCP FRCS FRCOphth FIBiol, authors of a A Textbook of Clinical Ophthalmology (the 2nd Edition, 1997, published by World Scientific-Publishing), have included references to the illustrations in our book, in their new 3rd Edition scheduled to be published soon. We hope that the cross references available from the two volumes will be beneficial to readers.

We hope that this updated 4th edition will continue to be of value to general practitioners, medical students, optometrists; nurses, paramedics and residents starting ophthalmology training.

Ian J Constable


1. Egyouth com Ophthalmology Text book By Dr Taher
Butterworth Heinemann`s Review Questions for the NBEO Examination: Part One
Авторы: Butterworth-Heinemann
2. Clinical Medicine in Optometric Practice
Авторы: Muchnick
3. Clinical Ophthalmology
Авторы: Kanski
linical Ophthalmology has been a trusted reference through five editions for thousands of students and practitioners. Established as one of the world's leading ophthalmic resources it has now be...
Читать подробнее...
    * ISBN:978-0-0804-4969-2
    * Количество страниц:952
    * Год издания:2007
4. Clinical Ophthalmology: A Self-Assessment Companion
Авторы: Kanski
Clinical Ophthalmology: A Self-Assessment Companion is the perfect way for trainees to test their knowledge in key areas of ophthalmology. Following the same structure as Jack Kanski's best-selli...
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    * ISBN:978-0-7506-7538-3
    * Количество страниц:488
    * Год издания:2007
5. Clinical Optics and Refraction
Авторы: Keirl
Completely up-to-date and brimming with sound practical advice Clinical Optics and Refraction is an essential resource for anyone involved in eyecare - students, optometrists, dispensing opticians and...
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    * ISBN:978-0-7506-8889-5
   * Количество страниц:368
    * Год издания:2007
6. Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care
Авторы: Elliott
The third edition has been completely revised and updated and is linked with an accompanying website containing large numbers of video-clips and photographs to help explain how tests should be used an...
Читать подробнее...
    * ISBN:978-0-7506-8896-3
    * Количество страниц:368
    * Год издания:2007
7. Color Atlas of Ophthalmology
Авторы: Agarwal
Featuring the clinical expertise of respected authorities in the field, the second edition of Color Atlas of Ophthalmology is a lavishly illustrated atlas designed to guide clinicians through the accu...
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    * ISBN:978-1-6040-6211-3
   * Количество страниц:864
    * Год издания:2009
8. Essentials of Ophthalmology
Авторы: Friedman
This book is a general introduction to ophthalmology for medical students, residents, or any health professional who requires a reference for the core information in ophthalmology. The Medical Studen...
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    * ISBN:978-1-4160-2907-6
    * Количество страниц:308
    * Год издания:2007
Eye Essentials: Cataract
Авторы: Malhotra
Eye Essentials is a major new series which provides authoritative and accessible information for all eye care professionals, whether in training or in practice. Each book is a rapid revision aid for ...
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    * ISBN:978-0-0804-4977-7
    * Количество страниц:256
    * Год издания:2007
10. Handbook of Neuro-Ophthalmic
Авторы: Robert Tomsak
Читать подробнее
The revised and updated 2nd Edition of this popular handbook offers practical, clinical guidance on the diagnosis and therapeutic management of the 23 most common neuro-ophthalmic disorders. Pocket-si...
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    * ISBN:978-0-7506-7417-1
    * Количество страниц:176
    * Год издания:0
 11. Low Vision Manual
Авторы: Jackson
.this book represents a real milestone for low vision care because it is one of the first low vision books in the world, and the first from the UK, that doesn't just give lip service to multi-dis...
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    * ISBN:978-0-7506-1815-1
    * Количество страниц:448
    * Год издания:2006
12. Ocular Inflammatory Disease
Авторы: Kanski
This is a succinct and practical guide that provides a clear overview of ocular inflammatory diseases. The text has been richly illustrated with clinical details and examples. A description of the dia...
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    * ISBN:978-0-3230-3737-2
    * Количество страниц:312
    * Год издания:2006
13. Ocular Inflammatory Disease and Uveitis Manual: Diagnosis and Treatment
Авторы: Huang
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Читать подробнее...
    * ISBN:978-0-7817-9863-5
    * Количество страниц:0
    * Год издания:0
14. Ophthalmic Clinical Procedures
Авторы: Eperjesi
This unique guide combines in a single package an exceptionally clear, step-by-step text, illuminating line drawings and a DVD containing animated. Powerpoint slides and over 40 video clips with voic...
Читать подробнее...
    * ISBN:978-0-0804-4978-4
    * Количество страниц:220
    * Год издания:2007
 15. Ophthalmologic Emergencies, An Issue of Emergency Medicine Clinic
Авторы: Joseph Kahn

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    * ISBN:978-1-4160-5852-6
    * Количество страниц:243
    * Год издания:0
16. Ophthalmology
Авторы: Schlote et al
Portable, practical information at a glance In ophthalmology, visual diagnosis is the most crucial part of an examination. This handy atlas is designed to help busy clinicians identify clinical signs ...
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    * ISBN:978-3-1313-9821-5
   * Количество страниц:257
    * Год издания:2006
18. Optical Formulas Tutorial
Авторы: Ellen Stoner
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Designed for students and professionals preparing for the ABO certification exam or wishing to quickly brush up on optical formulas, this workbook contains optical formulas, definitions, and walk-thro...
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    * ISBN:978-0-7506-7504-8
   * Количество страниц:264
19. Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology
Авторы: Denniston
Читать подробнее
Читать подробнее...
    * ISBN:978-0-1985-3037-4
    * Количество страниц:760
    * Год издания:0\
 20. The Ophthalmic Assistant
Авторы: Stein
Simply written and well illustrated, this New Edition provides all the practical information ophthalmic and optometric assistants and technicians need to complete their day-to-day tasks, including par...
Читать подробнее...
    * ISBN:978-0-3230-3330-5
    * Количество страниц:896
    * Год издания:2006



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