Лингвострановедение США/ Лингвострановедение Великобритании

2017-09-06 23:35:53
Желаю успехов всем студентам РУДН в
учебе, общественной и личной жизни
в новом учебном году!

2016-12-27 16:45:21
С наступающим Новым 2017 Годом и
Рождеством! Желаю всем студентам
успехов в зимней сессии!

2016-11-21 16:44:22
Декабрьские семинары по
лингвострановедению США для
студентов 2 и 3 курсов пройдут
16.12. Темы для семинаров на
портале.Участвуйте !

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(Кафедра и Департамент: Теории и практики иностранных языков)

 The course of the US study reflects an interdisciplinary approach. It covers geography, history, literature, politics and government, sociology.An ethnocultural approach does with the behavior of Americans and the ways Americans define themselves and their values. This course does not attempt to provide the definite answer, but as the course proceeds you get more vivid picture of the USA, understand the American "national character" and the features that make American culture distinctive and recognizable.

The course of the US study consists of 8 lectures, 2 class written tests, 9 on-line seminars. The on-line tasks will appear every week with the fixed deadlines.Send your papers to: kazantseva_ti@pfur.ru  The papers sent after the deadline won't be accepted.Switch on to a new task. Good luck! 

                                                                                               TERM II  2015.

The course of the UK study is an attempt to outline the historical development of the country from ancient times to the present day. Brief geographical notes and remarks on cultural development are included as well. The brief outline of the political, economic and cultural history is part of the course.

The course of the UK study consists of 12 classes, 2 written tests, papers and oral presentation.The deadlines for the papers are fixed in the list of the themes.Send your papers to:kazanseva_ti@pfur.ru The papers sent after the deadline won't be accepted. Good luck!