Овезова Умеда Акпаровна

РУДН - участник государственной программы Российской Федерации 5 - 100

2018-07-03 22:06:24
Уважаемые студенты ! Поздравляю вас
с завершением учебного года !Сроки
пересдачи задолженностей уточняйте
у тьюторов .

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Phrases you can use when presenting your diploma paper

 Phrases you can use when presenting your diploma paper

This work/research/essay/paper examines/looks at/studies  the principles
It considers recent work/development, arguing that
The goal/the objective of the paper is
The targets (and the tasks)
This goal can be reached by fulfilling a number of tasks/examining a number of issues
- First, to analyse
- Second, to compare
- Third, to find out
We should admit/acknowledge
The current interest of the research grounds on/consists in/focuses on/is concerned with
The theoretical importance of the work is laid on/based on
Relating to/with regard to/what concerns practical implications 
It means, I’d like to point out/highlight/strengthen
The consideration of the issues mentioned above in the framework of…helps/reveals the potential of the research/the study/ the theme/the approach … to prioritise/analyse
With regard to determining the ways of studying tools/mechanisms/the approach of the research
The methodology of (descriptive, comparative, experimental, analytical analysis) is suggested as a means of profiling essential characteristics of ideas/ concepts/ systems/ theory/ study/ methods
Major issues impacting on the consideration of topic under study/subject matter/thesis statement  are examined, in particular the way in which (something) can be drafted/amended/ updated
The concept of approach/issue is important (for practical implications)
            - The introduction outlines the general idea of the paper
            - The main body is focused on 
            - The conclusion features the classification of/presents recommendations/suggests trajectories for further study of 
- The first chapter/issue/sub-point focuses on
- The second chapter/issue/sub-point considers
- The final chapter/sub-point/issue is discussed in relation to the challenges facing…
In particular, notions/procedures/norms of legislation are analysed and the experience in/of… is presented as a case study.
The conclusion takes/suggests/covers/involves the issues discussed in the work/study and presents them in terms of…
As a result of the research the paper suggests the following findings/the following findings can be outlined as a result of the research:
Future research trajectories are also proposed.
The paper also includes the Reference list, Appendix (Appendices) and Glossar .