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Дорогие студенты и аспиранты,
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не забывайте об английском. Хороших

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Legal Documents Translation (1 st language)
(Кафедра и Департамент: Иностранного языка юр. факульт.)

 The key objective of the course is to develop professional communicative foreign language skills by mastering translation of legal documents from English into Russian and from Russian into English.

This objective can be reached by the solution of a number of tasks:

· building up linguistic skills by learning grammar and lexis of the target language and applying this knowledge to legal documentation at work;

· building up sociolinguistic skills to be able to choose adequate language forms and use them  in specific contexts of legal English;

· building up pragmatic skills to be able to formalize legal documents in accordance with the traditions of genre, type of communication and language etiquette of the target language;

· building up discourse communicative skills to be able to choose the right strategy and tactics to gain inter-text coherence, logic and communicative structure of a legal document in accordance with language traditions of legal writing;

· building up sociocultural skills to be able to identify the national and cultural components in specific legal information and to adequately interpret them by means of the native language and vice versa;

· building up translating/interpreting skills to be able to translate/interpret legal documents from English into Russian and from Russian into English in accordance with the norms of native and target languages within the extent determined by the course.

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