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Annual International Conference on LSP and Specialised Translation Skills Training, April 15-17,2015

Dear Colleagues,
The Organizing Committee of the Annual International Conference on LSP Teaching  and Specialized Translation Skills Training in Higher Education Institutions (LSP & STST) is pleased and honored   to invite you to take part in the Conference to be held  at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, on April 15-17, 2015.

Conference Focus
The Annual International Conference on Language for Specific Purposes  Teaching  and  Specialised Translation Skills Training in Higher Education Institutions will bring together teachers, researchers and professionals from all over the world to exchange, discuss and develop their ideas on the general topic of foreign language teaching and learning in different professional domains of today's multicultural world. The conference program will offer many opportunities for contact between various professionals, specialists and practitioners. The event will consist of a three-day program with a large number of papers, workshops and panel discussions.

Special emphsis through all the bellow listed topics will be laid to training Foreign Legal Language and Legal Translation skills as the PFUR Law Faculty considers the above skills training as one of key priorities within the university-based education for lawyers-to-be.   

1.Global Issues in Foreign Language and  (Translation/Interpreting) Skills Training

Multilingualism and Language Education
Barriers to Foreign Language Learning (ethnicity, age, psychosocial factors, ...)
Government Policy issues in respect of multilingualism in Higher education
Organizational, legal and financial aspects
Digital Divide
Ethical issues in Foreign Language, Language and Culture Mediation  and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training
Managing Cultural Diversity in Foreign Language Classroom
2. Foreign Language, Mediation  and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training: New Trends and Experiences
Language Education practice trends and issues
CLIL present and future
Experiences in University-based Foreign Language and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training
Life-long Language Skills Training
Adult education and Vocational training
Transferring disciplines across Foreign Language and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training
Assessment of Foreign Languages and Translation/Interpreting  Skills
Examination, Assessment  Policies and Grading methods
Student Selection Criteria in interdisciplinary approach to Foreign Language and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training
Teaching Foreign Language for Specific and Academic Purposes
Training Specialised Translation Skills
Language for Specific Purposes Teaching: New paradigms, challenges and solutions
Corpora and LSP /Translation/ Interpreting Skills Trainig
3.New Challenges to Foreign Language and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training
New challenges for the European Higher Education Area
Joint-degree programmes/ University Consortiums for Foreign Language and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training
Erasmus and Exchange experiences in universities
Students and Teaching staff Exchange programmes
4.Teacher Training
Foreign LanguageTeacher training and experiences
Translation/Interpreting Teacher training and experiences
In-service training and Professional development of teachers
Human Resource Development
Teacher leaders
5.Curriculum Design
Strategies, Principles and Challenges
Integration of cross-cultural studies in curriculum
Analysing the skill needs of Labour Market
Courses, Tutorials and Labs
Course management
6.Academic experiences, best practice contributions, quality assurance  issues in the field of Foreign Language and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training
Quality in Language and Mediation (translation/interpreting) Skills Training
Evaluation and Assessment
University-Industry Cooperation
University/Industry Experiences
Life-long learning experiences
Workplace learning and Collaborative Learning
University/Industry/Government partnership
International Projects
New experiences for the International cooperation
Joint Education and Research programmes
University networks
7.Technology in Foreign Languages and Translation/Interpreting Skills Training
Learning and Teaching Innovations
ICT-based Foreign Languages and Translation Skills Training
Advanced classroom applications and technologies
Online/Virtual Laboratories
e-learning experiences
m-Learning: mobile applications and technologies
MOOC for Foreign Languages and Translation Skills Training
Tablet Computers for Foreign Languages and Translation Skills Training
Blended Learning
Training the e-Trainer
Online Assessment
Building Virtual Communities
Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis, …
Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Videos for Learning and Educational Multimedia
Animation, 3D, and Web 3D Applications
E-content Management and Development
User-Generated Content
E-content Management and Development. Open Content
Knowledge Management
The deadline for  proposals is February, 28, 2015.
The papers should not exceed 8000 units (5 pages A4 format, Times New Roman,14)
The working languages of the conference are Russian and English but papers in French, Spanish, German are welcome.
Electronic Submissions should be sent in MS Word or RTF format to aaatabekova@gmail.com
All the papers are supposed to pass through the blind peer review procedure. The authors will be informed of the peer reviewing procedure on March,5.
The conference proceedings book will be published by the conference start day.
The University can provide organisational support regarding the accomodation, expemces are born by the conference paricipants
Possible varians:
  • University campus ( 2* hotel style double and single rooms)
  • 3* hotel,  15 minutes walk from the University
  • hotels in the city center upon reqest 
Social events
Official lunch 
Bus tour (upon request)
The conference  fees is 100 euros (conference proceeding book, coffe breaks, conference dinner, bus tour)
The Organizing Committee is ready to arrange an official invitation for  authors of accepted papers.

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