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РУДН - участник государственной программы Российской Федерации 5 - 100
Master of Arts in Legal translation and Interpreting / Магистерская программа на английском языке " Юридический перевод"

(HIGHER Education Field- Linguistics)

1. Introduction     
The Master of Arts in Legal Translation and Interpreting (MALTI) responds to the high demand for translators and interpreters in the field of Law.
The academic track combines the theoretical and the applied foci. The  professional specialization track provides for training in the legal field of translation and interpretation. The  research track trains students for access to the doctoral field of Comparative Linguistics and Specialized Translation Studies.
Head of the Programme - Prof Anastasia Atabekova  e-mail aaatabekova@gmail.com, atabekova_aa@pfur.ru
2. The language of instruction is English.
3.TOTAL WORKLOAD is equal to 120 credits
4. Language Pairs:
The program develops students' Knowledge, Skills and Abilities  to interpret and translate legal  texts, working within the following language pair combinations:
English –Russian, English – French, English –Spanish, English –German, English –Chinese.
The  second foreign language (Spanish, French, German Chinese, Russian for Foreigners) for translation and interpreting practice courses is subject to students’ choice.
5. Entry requirements for potential candidates –
Exam on Interpreting and Translation skills
The MALTI program accepts graduates with BA degrees
6. Modalities
Full time program, including face-to-face sessions and students’ self studies.
7. LENGTH OF STUDIES is 2 years.
8. Master's Degree in Linguistics, specialisation in Legal Translation (a second Higher education degree  for graduates of  BA programs in Himanities )
9. Timetable: Classes  start at 18.00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at  9.00 on  Saturdays.
  Infromation about Subjects

Compulsory Subjects ( under the Ministry of Education requiremetns)

History and Methodology of Reseach in Linguistics(in English)            

Pedagogics and Psychology of HE (in English)          

General Linguistics and History of Linguistic Studies (in English)          

Quantitative Linguistics and IT(in English)

University Subjects  Module         

Philosophy, Communication, Translation (in English)             

Cross cultural comm-n in various domains (in English)           

Translation Studies  (in English)     

Legal Translation Studies (in English)           

Legal English Course        

Translation Practice Course (1st language) 

Legal Documents Translation  (1st language)            

Computer-assisted Tools  for Legal Translation        

Translation and International Law

Translation and   Civil   Law           

Translation and Criminal Law       

Interpreting Course  (English-Russian/Fr/Germ/Sp/Chin)        

Optional  Subjects  Module           

Module 1 (1 из 2)              

Academic Writing (in English)        

Cognitive Linguistics (in English)   

Module 2 (1 из 2)              

Translator's Professional Ethics (in English)


Module 3 (1 из 2)              

 National Legal Systems in Bilingual Context (in English)       

Semiotics of Communication (in English)   

Module  4 (1 из 2)             

Discourse and argumentation  (in English)  


Module 5 (1of 2)               

Editing& Proofreading (1st  or 2nd language)             

Translator's profession in the EU   

Module  6 (1 из 2)             

Language Policy in the Gobal Policy            

Document Language Control in Publ& Intern Organisations  

Module 7 (1of 2)


Translation for Language Learning              

Module 8 ( 1 of 2)             

Court Interpreting (English -other Langaage)             

Multilingualism and Law Making: EU practice          

Module  9 (1 of 2)             

Didactics of  Specialized Translation Skills Training

International Projects on Legal Translation & Court Interp    

Module 10 (1 of 2)            

Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching             

Forensic Linguistics           

Module 11 ( 1 of 4)           

Second Language Practice ( Ger/Fr/ Sp/ Chin)         

Module 12 (1of 4)             

Legal Documents Tran-n ( Ger/Fr/Sp/Chin)           

Pre- Thesis Translation/Interpreting Internship    

Research work  

State examination            

Masters's dissertation defence     



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